Learning from fast cars and philosophers

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Ah the hobbies of a librarian.

If you met Giles Deacon in a pub, you would imagine him to be a geeky young librarian in love with his study of medieval hunting techniques

I prefer watching Formula 1 and arguing down the pub. The BMJ features Juliet Walker exploring things medicine has learnt from the fast moving expensive enterprise which is the Grand Prix. These include learning techniques from the pit stop to the hand over between the operating theatre and intensive care unit. Adopting a ‘lollipop man’ (in F1 this role is to signal when everything that needs to be done is done and the driver can leave) to coordinate everything at Great Ormond Street Hospital cut errors by 40%. You can see more about this at the Science Museum which has an exhibition on the subject.

On Wednesday I’m planning on going to a talk entitled ‘Is psychology a science?‘  It’s being hosted by Philosophy for All, a London based group aiming to open up philosophic debate to erm well everyone. I’ve been a member for a while and miss more sessions than not but they watch films and pick them apart in terms of philosophical content too as well as walks so refreshing for mind and body. Reminds me I need to buy some walking boots…although I have just bought one of the Time Out books of urban walks so perhaps my current shoes will do. Anyway I am looking forward to what the speaker has to say however as I learnt everything I know about stats and experiments in my A-level psychology years and the British Psychological Society certainly sees itself as scientific.


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