Twittophobes vs. Twittophiliacs

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Hey Alan, someone named Nash has come up with a pithy list for why science, tech and maths gurus are giving Twitter the cold shoulder. Reasons include not caring about interacting with others and fear of comments being in the public domain.

Scientists are substantially asocial – feeling more at home dwelling on the workings of their pet problem rather than interested in what other people are thinking about.

But the ‘laypeople’ are chattering away!  A company called has launched a product to allow “companies to search, monitor and join conversations taking place on Twitter directly in the Service Cloud.”  Ooh, ‘service cloud’ certainly has a malevolent ring to it.  And the word ‘monitor’ doesn’t exactly put one at ease, does it?  Do these companies know that Twitter already has a basic search available?

Apparently the product will go for:

$995 per month, which includes the ability to:

  • Create an online customer community with unlimited usage for up to 250 customers
  • Set up a contact center with up to five agents
  • Connect with native cloud computing sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter
  • Invite up to five partners to participate in the Service Cloud

Will this be a future trend to watch out for?  And, based on the fairly basic description of the product above, how many groups will pay that amount with what looks like only a slight add-on in functionality to these social networking sites.  I am actually excited about the back and forth (we have already witnessed a preview of this with Facebook wanting to sell its users, as potential customers, to anyone and everyone) that will ensue, in a big way, in the time to come.  What software will come out to allow us to avoid being pulled into the tractor beam of the ‘service cloud’?


4 Responses to “Twittophobes vs. Twittophiliacs”

  1. Err what about this ABC News item on 1,900 medical students following brain surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit using twitter?

  2. Thanks for this post, I am interested in.

  3. […] In this respect it is interesting that according Danielle of the Health Informaticist: ….while the ‘laypeople’ are chattering away (…) a company called has launched a product to allow “companies to search, monitor and join conversations taking place on Twitter directly in the Service Cloud.”(for more details see post here). […]

  4. Hi Paul,
    I think that Nash was concerned more with people working in the ‘hard sciences’ rather than medical folks. But yes, adoption of twitter among meds has been quite positive from the sporadic reports that I have read.

    Thanks for the article. Very cool!


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