“Make sure you are Evidence-based” (and up to date)

In Evidence-Based Medicine, Information industry on March 24, 2009 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , ,

It seems like Wiley-Blackwell are seriously into EBM. Not only do they publish the Cochrane Library, EBM Guidelines, Essential Evidence Plus (whatever these last two are), but they also do the Evidence-Based Medicine series. I just got a mail shot from them – “Make sure you are Evidence-Based”. They have quite a range of books in the series, some of which seem to be a series of pragmatic, systematic-ish reviews of interventions for a condition, while others take on a slightly more educational role – how to go about formulating your question, doing your search, appraising the results etc. There are plenty of sample chapters to read, so you know what you’re getting. Of course, though, they are expensive. Evidence-based Cardiology is over £100. And given that EBM by its nature goes out of date pretty quickly (or it might not, but the point is you won’t know until you look) is it really sensible to spend your £100+ on a 2002 book called Evidence-Based […] and really kid yourself that you are, actually, Evidence-Based? Being evidence based seven years ago is hardly evidence based in my (much cheaper) book. I wonder how many they sell, and to whom?


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