Evidence-based Human Resources

In Conferences, Evidence-Based Medicine, How to work better on March 10, 2009 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , ,

Hurrah! The mantra of Evidence-based ‘X’ marches on. We now have, and perhaps we’ve had for a while – who knows? – Evidence-Based Human Resources. Cynics might argue that it’s all simply about justifying the presence of HR in organisations. I.e. worried HR heads under fear of being chopped thinking “how can we create numbers that prove our worth?”. If so, then perhaps the process is less about ‘testing’ what works and what doesn’t by collecting specific outcome data that compare HR ‘interventions’ against each, and more about finding just about any numbers they can, then with a bit of quantitative jiggery pokery use them to say “look, we’re worth it, don’t sack us”. Like any evidence-based movement, I guess that different folks will be in it for different reasons. At least they’re trying though – good on them.

p.s. and anyway I wouldn’t criticise anyone for trying to justify their worth, however dodgy their methods! It’s something we all ought to be up to…


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