There’s a bit of an uproar now at Cilip …

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There’s a bit of an uproar now at Cilip (FYI to those who do not partake) with the Chief exec showing some reluctance to have Cilip join Twitter. Bob McKee has posted again on his blog to suggest he might be okay about trying out twitter. The positive side of this is that it has got some discussion going, as I find there is generally a conversational drought in many things Cilip. Bob wonders why there is so much emotion all of a sudden–perhaps because he’s hit a nerve?

This debate (to twitter or not) has Clari questioning the point of Cilip membership. (You could almost substitute the word ‘life’ instead of ‘cilip’ from the general tone of this discussion.)  I do not blame her.  I think extreme hesitancy tends to be the tone of many of Cilip’s debates and I think it’s abundance of red-tape puts people off.  It’s too much work!  Just getting to a decision.  Having experienced institutional risk aversiveness and having suffered from it, I think there should be some decisions that are just made on a ‘piloting’ basis. Meaning, let’s try this new and somewhat unknown but possibly amazing thing and just see if we like it in 3 months.  Let’s tell folks and get the keen ones engaged. Then maybe we can see if they like it.

Phil Bradley suggested that the fruit had withered on the vine and the discussion had needed to occur in real time, not two weeks later.  His response was brilliant, in fact. And it occured a week ago–am I ever out of the loop!  In the comments somebody defined the word ‘peengeing’–to whine or mope–so the ‘no peengeing’ statement of Bob’s was rather condescending.  For goodness sake, web 2.0 is all about peengeing, a.k.a. intelligent banter, Bob.

It’s time for a new, less risk averse strategy for Cilip, one that is inclusive and technologically aware.  We need out of the straitjacket of firewalls, delayed/moderated comments (on all the Cilip blogs) and delayed unilateral decisions.

So good for Bob in recognising the importance of the Twitter issue and good for the informatics community in being so vocal on this issue.

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