Has Eric Schmidt ever used Twitter? Apparently not…

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Hey Alan, you’re not alone, Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, hates Twitter as well. He calls it “a poor man’s email system.” This to me is all backwards, as email is really a poor man’s Twitter/ blogging tool. (1) it is ubiquitious old hat, (2) cheap free and (3) is lousy with spammers (side note: I doubt Twitter is spam immune but it’s not infested yet). Tech Central, the Times blog, goes on to suggest that it is dubious as to whether Schmidt has ever used Twitter. Look, I am not saying Twitter is the best thing since processed cheese, but please do not knock it if you haven’t tried it!


3 Responses to “Has Eric Schmidt ever used Twitter? Apparently not…”

  1. But it’s more fun knocking things before you try them – it’s easier that way. And anyway, I’m glad to see that I’m in good company, though I wouldn’t think of describing Twitter as “a poor man’s email”; seems rather odd. Eric’s already getting old and falling behind a bit.

    As for spam in Twitter, isn’t the whole thing one big can of spam…? 😉

    p.s. Processed cheese? Must be a Canadian thing.

  2. Yes, it is a very odd comment for the CEO of Google to make. I think he is out of it AND probably jealous.

    Well, as for your ‘can of spam’ theory, you’d need to define ‘spam’. Idid try a ‘viagra’ search and got results of middle-class folks complaining about viagra-related email spam…so there you go! It is perhaps a matter of time regarding the hard-sell, bulk spam moving to twitter. Yes, there are folks who follow you but you can choose whom you follow. If the folks you follow spew out loads of needless updates (and thereby bury others’ updates) you could remove them from your ‘following list’.

  3. I shouldn’t think that Google founders and CEOs need to be jealous of anything very much, but it’s true to say that Twitter is doing rather well for itself. Of course, Google is making pot loads of MONEY – does Twitter make any money? Apparently Facebook doesn’t, yet, so I can’t imagine Twitter does.

    But I must take issue with writing off email. Yes, it’s full of spam, but spam filters are pretty effective these days, and it’s always nice to know that cheap viagra is never far away… But really, can you actually remember life pre-email? If Twitter was taken away from us all for a month, there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, lots of whinging and moaning and heads held in hands, and people would cry and cry until they could get it back; but take away email for a month and, well, everything would more or less grind to a halt.

    Apparently Steven Fry is only the SECOND most followed person on Twitter. Can you guess who number one is?

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