Google’s carrot approach to indexing

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I (literally) stumbled upon  Google Image Labeler just now and thought their ‘carrot’ approach to getting folks to tag/index images on the web rather interesting.

This is how it works:

“You’ll be randomly paired with a partner who’s online and using the feature. Over a two-minute period, you and your partner will:

  • View the same set of images.
  • Provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see.
  • Receive points when your label matches your partner’s label. The number of points will depend on how specific your label is.
  • See more images until time runs out.”

The point system will appeal on the basis of having ‘bragging rights’ as it doesn’t appear that volunteer indexers are reimbursed in any way.  So Google have created an exercise that will appeal to geeks and geeks alone.  Let us hope that said geeks can tell a frigate from a frigatebird.  I suppose having a partner makes this a peer indexing exercise and thus a bit more reliable.

Could this not be the basis for a lively and entertaining game show–“can Jamie correctly and specifically tag all ten photos before the buzzer sounds?”


2 Responses to “Google’s carrot approach to indexing”

  1. Still using Stumble Upon then? 🙂

  2. I heart Stumble upon! You can give feedback if the site is rubbish or doesn’t appear (404 error or other problem). You can also stumble through wordpress blogs 🙂

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