Bad passwords vs. everything under one password

In social networking on February 25, 2009 by Danielle Tagged: , , ,

People can’t even be bothered to come up with unique, difficult to crack passwords for their important online accounts, according to a US survey of 4000 people blogged at Read Write Web. I don’t lose sleep over someone hacking my Jango account, but my email and bank account need to be secure.  Convenience and memorability are king.  Facebook Connect promises to help us, but I’ve heard all that before (what about OpenID?). Will they be able to control spammers, as those who are most visible tend to be the best behaved?  Will we all have online avatars, visible wherever we go? Will I have to learn Esperanto or Chinglish?  Are you completely screwed if you forget it?  All these questions need to be answered before I’m satisfied.


One Response to “Bad passwords vs. everything under one password”

  1. Or else use Glynx – an OpenID solution that works p2p from your PC without passwords – so no server stores your userid/passwords anywhere.


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