Updated CRD guidance on producing reviews in healthcare

In Evidence-Based Medicine on February 5, 2009 by Sarah Tagged: , , ,

The Centre for Reviews and Dissemination have updated and published their guide to producting systematic reviews. As well as the core principles, the guidance also contains chapters on reviews of prognostic tests and diagnostic tests (an rediscovered interest of mine since a study day in York in December..), public health, economic evaluations and adverse effects. It’s available in electronic book format, a downloadable pdf, or you can purchase a hard copy.


2 Responses to “Updated CRD guidance on producing reviews in healthcare”

  1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for the useful link. The electronic version is quick and easy to refer too; shall certainly use from time to time in the future. Good picture, by the way, really must do something about mine (mind you I’ve been saying that since post one!)

  2. Sarah- that’s brilliant, thank you for the update on this. I had a niggling thought that the document referred to in the York study day would be out soon.

    PS. Welcome aboard!

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