Google may harm and short attention spans

In Blogging on Blogging on February 2, 2009 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , , , ,

Apparently Google had a “55 minute crisis“, where under every site listed on any and all search results it put a warning that “this site may harm your computer“. This is of course a very minor thing, hardly worthy of comment. A minor glitch and nothing more, and anyone with half a brain would instantly see, that because everything was noted as potentially harmful, that a glitch is what it was and nothing more.

However, our friends on Twitter (Danielle, was it you?) got very excited and there was widespread panic about what was going on with Goolge. Twitter is great at this – immediate coverage of events in real time. However, everything is forgotten within about seven seconds, this being the internet. The gaze while it is there is strong and intense and unblinking, but then (at least in the UK) our Twitter user looks up from the monitor and out of the window and thinks “ohh, it’s snowing outside; how pretty. Lets tweet it…”

One rather wise and funny tweet went “small message under Google search results brings Twitterverse to a halt. Real world curiously unaffected!. He tweets about Rugby Union too. Hmm, maybe I should follow him. Let’s see, how do I do that…?


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