Older people using the Wii

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This *is* health related, and informationy, but is heartwarming too–a veritable Friday smorgasbord for you!  It will sound conceited, but when Wiis first came out, I really hoped (and hopefully predicted) that they would catch on with older adults.  The reason?  Because it is a nice, civilised and light-moderate form of exercise.  Except the boxing which is a bit barbaric and hard-going.  Also, Wiis can be used with a minimum of frustration as they are intuitive to set up (i.e. choose your character; make it look like you, or not; and start playing).

The BBC reports that Wiis are being used in care homes in the North East of England. 

Managing director of Helen McCardle Care, Mark McArdle, said they gave residents extra mental and physical stimulation.  He said: “Some people were sceptical as to whether the residents would cope with such new technology but they’ve taken to it like ducks to water.”

Hope they remind folks to use the wrist strap to avoid any Wii accidents (pun intended).


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  1. Groan!

    re the pun that is…

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