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From the same people who brought you TripDatabase.  Now they’ve launched “a repository of clinical questions and answers drawn from a wide number of sources around the world.”  Along with Attract, hopefully TripAnswers will plug the hole left by the NLH Question Answering service.

The role of TripAnswers is to parcel information (from textbooks, systematic reviews, guidelines and primary research) into bite-sized chunks.  Their website is organised with the help of a tag cloud.

The rating system that TripAnswers uses for each question is interesting–it rates three areas: Search, Appraisal, and Confidence.  For search and appraisal, a rating of strong is when it approaches systematic review quality (keep in mind that searchers only have a couple of hours).  Confidence is a bit more nebulous, but it essentially has to do with how well the question has been answered and the strength of the evidence in that particular topic area.  For example, having to go to a nonrandomised study or eMedicine to answer a certain question does not inspire as much confidence in the answer as finding a highly-relevant answer in a systematic review.

TripAnswers encourages feedback from clinicians on the answers they provide.

Another interesting tidbit is the Tag Cloud of Uncertainty, inspired by DUETs.

I will be sure to check back to see how this goldmine of questions and answers grows.


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