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In Information industry, Uncategorized on January 21, 2009 by Danielle Tagged: , , , plays host to an enhanced Google map that give tourist-friendly directions for those who are overwhelmed or lost in the big city. The map features unique icons for sites made famous in films: Central park, the Empire state building and the Brooklyn bridge.

Nice for the Official Google Blog that they can get the mayor of NYC. Michael Bloomberg to write a post for them!  But then, Google has played a key role in the unveiling of atechnologically advanced NYC visitor information centre:

The Information Center features interactive map tables, powered by the Google Maps API for Flash, that let you navigate venues and attractions as well as create personalized itineraries, which can be printed, emailed or sent to mobile devices.

Is the future of urban tourism to go to a centre at which you can download maps, etc to your phone?  Will the human race forget how to fold up a map?  Or, worse still, neglect to ask a local for advice on where to find the nearest good pub or cafe?

I have personally found google maps to be a wonderful boon in finding my way around.  Even in London, where I do not leave home without an A-Z, I sometimes find myself straying off its pages to explore Harrow or Epping.  So bring on the gmaps, I say.


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