I am still glad to not live in the US

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The Health Care Blog has  a post describing the ruin that is US healthcare and, more specifically, health insurance.  Apparently, 72 million adults (under 65) have difficulty paying their medical bills.  Many of these people actually had medical insurance.  Almost 40% of them had used up their savings on medical expenses.

Matthew Holt gives the right-wing expert the ‘tone deaf git of the month award’ for his assertion that we shouldn’t ‘kill people with kindness’ –i.e. give them proper, comprehensive health insurance.  Holt wins my ‘fab title of the month award’ for this piece!

As ever, I am glad to live  in countries where it is felt that proper healthcare is a human right, not a privilege only for the rich.  The US system discriminates against those with health problems–a big no-no in my book.


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