NHS Evidence – still not entirely sure…

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Today the HSJ (Health Services Journal) reports that one Professor Corrigan, director of commissioning, improvement and innovation of NHS London, will be leaving his job.  This is as a result of NHS Evidence or ‘the hub’ as the article calls it.  ‘The hub’ sounds somewhat malevolent to me.  Just the name.  It’s rather blank, faceless.

“The hub will provide clinical evidence, public health intelligence, provider intelligence and contracting support. It will also carry out coding reviews and claims management.”

Perhaps the hub is something else entirely?


6 Responses to “NHS Evidence – still not entirely sure…”

  1. Something else entirely.

    The hub is “the new London Clinical and Business Support Agency.” Effectively a London wide resource to support commissioning.

  2. Okay, very interesting. Am I imagining that there is some overlap between ‘the hub’ and NHS Evidence?

  3. I am not sure. NHS Evidence as it is presented currently is basically a website and an accrediting body. The Hub is a group of people carrying out research, current awareness and so on. I would expect the Hub to make use of NHS Evidence (if it meets their needs as an information retrieval tool).

  4. Yes, I would agree with my namesake. The Hub would probably make use of NHS Evidence, but there is little overlap in their roles. NHS Evidence is basically a replacement/development of the NLH, with a promised “Google like” search box that you’ll be able to use to find high quality, NHS accredited evidence (oh dear). NHS Hubs on the other hand will be dotted around the country, as I understand it, co-aligned with SHAs, and use NHS evidence and other data, research etc to support commissioning, innovation within the SHAs. Almost like an internal consultancy unit for each SHA. At least that’s the impression I get,which could be quite wrong!

  5. In terms of NHS Evidence it is now known that they will be building their search tool on a Fast Search enterprise engine.

    You can see what this can do up in Scotland where they are in the process of using one. ( is one of a number of portals they have already created.

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