IT Predictions are a bit like new year’s resolutions

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Happy New Year, all.

What do you think, are IT predictions a bit like New Year’s resolutions?  I think there is some value to them, though, at least for providing a scaffold for thought and (I hope at least somewhat) intelligent debate.

One that I like is from Imran Khan states “Net neutrality should become an important mainstream issue.”  I like the ‘should’ because ‘shoulds’ are prescriptive.  Neutrality how, is the question I want answered.  I seldom read the Guardian’s Comment is Free mainly because I find much of the user commentary completely inane.  People tend to aim to boast or offend on that forum. The highlight of CiF is commentary from the occasional cranky, retired professor.

Web 2.0 needs to grow sharper teeth to deal with this glut of unwanted and/or ignorant commentary somehow.  Only the fittest minds and best scribes should share their thoughts on certain forums, I think.  Everyone else please take yourselves to the Metro website.  But seriously, I welcome editorial interventions!


One Response to “IT Predictions are a bit like new year’s resolutions”

  1. Isn’t web3.0 meant to be all about cleaning up the cr*p left over from web2.0…? Well, here’s hoping anyway.

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