Reflective writing – a friday afternoon experiment

In Evidence-Based Librarianship, How to work better on December 19, 2008 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , , , ,

Well this blog hasn’t been updated for a while, has it? Danielle is busy looking for work (or no doubt juggling all the job offers flying her way) while I’ve been sick, again(!). Virus after virus attached itself to me over the last few months like a series of dear old friends coming into town, all desperate to catch up and spend a bit of ‘quality time’ together. Sweet of them, but there are limits. Anyway, I should like to say that I’ve not forgotten about the blog. I plan to write some posts on the different types of search I/we use, and perhaps start thinking about naming them so that I have a vocabulary that will amaze and impress my colleagues, and I’ve also just flicked through a copy of HILJ where it talks about the importance of being a ‘critically reflective practitioner’ – part of which involves doing a bit of ‘reflective writing’. Maybe I should do a bit of that in this blog…

Hmm, what of significance happened today? Well I tried haika, a semantic search engine, and it wasn’t (rather surprisingly) totally useless. I still think that 99.9% of the time a really well structured Google search will get as good results as you’re likely to get. Am I missing something? Do we keep on using all these specialist search engines just to try and prove that we’re more ‘advanced’ than your average googler? Trying to prove our existence?

I’m meant to write, reflectively, for six minutes. Is that six minutes? I’m sure it feels like six minutes to you, dear reader (and you’ll never get the time back).


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