India’s growing share of world’s scientific papers

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Thomson Reuters has released a press release stating how since 2000 India (or rather the scientists in Indian Institutions) has significantly, year on year, increased its output of scientific papers. To quote from the press release:

“Our analysis indicates that India is moving toward greater participation in world science,” said Christopher King, editor of Science Watch.  “Besides a dramatic increase in its number of research papers and its average citation impact, the number of papers authored exclusively by India-based institutions has declined.  This allows us to draw the conclusion that India’s presence is increasing in international science.”

Certainly I’ve noticed a growing number of high impact papers coming from the subcontinent, which is good to see. And as pointed out above, there are also more colloborations happening between Indian institutions and non-Indian institutions. All of which might hopefully suggest that rather than having to leave India for (e.g.) the US or the UK, qualified Indian scientists can stay and contribute to their own economy. As our western recession hits, I wonder if we’ll find a brain drain heading towards, rather than away from, India? Certainly our cricketers already want to head that way…


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