NICE has met its equal, but in wiki form …

In Website reviews on August 14, 2008 by Danielle Tagged: , , , , , , ,

NICE has met its equal, but in wiki form! I was looking at the list of medical wikis that Alan had recently mentioned and saw PubDrug. What informaticist doesn’t require an unbiased, free drug resource? When I had a look, I only saw 17 drugs listed. However, those at Pubdrug have highlighted their 4 year plan. By next year, their goal is to have records for 1500 prescription drugs. They are involving 4th year Pharm D. students in preparing the content. Funding comes from grants and schools of pharmacy. All records and tables undergo a rigorous ‘certification’ (i.e. peer review) process whereby a member from the editorial board and a content developer check the accuracy and completeness of information provided.

As a systematic searcher, I very much look forward to seeing this resource come to fruition. I wonder if they have considered input for non-US schools of pharmacy? As I had discovered not so long ago, it is not ‘acetominophen’ in the UK, but ‘paracetamol’, and there is surprisingly little out there to point out drug name discrepancies.


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