Health2.0 going down the pan?

In Information industry, Web 2.0 & all that on August 12, 2008 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , , ,

Following on from Danielle’s post about just what is Health 2.0, and whether it’s a fad or perhaps something meaningful and disruptive, a posting on Consumer-focused Health Care entitled Whither Health 2.0? suggests that things are not going swimmingly for many of the Health2.0 companies out there. These companies claimed that they would overhaul healthcare, and put to an end the dominance of very Web1.0 companies such as WebMd. Instead, one of Health2.0 flagbearers, is looking down the barrel; traffic has tailed off, they’ve hired a bank to ‘explore options’ (uh oh) and it all looks a bit gloomy. Xoova (formerly Doctors Direct) is also apparently in trouble; in fact, their website gives you a “page load error” – not good. As with the previous internet bubble, one suspects that 99% of new disruptive Whatever2.0 companies will wither and die simply because they make no money. Some will survive, and they will lay the template for future developments. It’s like the Cambrian explosion all over again. Hey, I wonder if anyone has written one of those silly yet best-selling (and profit making) business book that draws a (learning) parallel between the Cambrian explosion and modern business… hmmm.


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