I know that Alan has a penchant for blog …

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I know that Alan has a penchant for blogging on new or overlooked health wikis, but I thought I’d add one that I have come across today. Ganfyd (= Get a Note from your Doctor) has a decent premise: it is a medical wiki that only registered medical practitioners are able to edit…and invited non-medical experts.

I looked up ‘meningococcal septicaemia’ and it linked me to ‘meningococcal disease’ (same difference, for my purposes). The topic page provides a clickable table of contents and sections that the Health Protection Agency (HPA) would be jealous of. Web resources (TRIP, NLH, Bandolier and 9 others) add a convenient, time-saving function. There is a ‘see also’ list for similar topics.

But it leaves me asking “Where are the references”? This puts it only slightly above Wikipedia, and still no better than eMedicine, in my book.


2 Responses to “I know that Alan has a penchant for blog …”

  1. Thanks for taking an interest in our work. As with all collaborative wikis, the quality of content invariably starts out rather patchy. We have certainly worked on referencing and have built in a method of fetching references by Pubmed ID numbers, which is used extensively in some, but as you have noticed, not all articles.

  2. Thanks Mark-
    I just looked up ‘Oral contraceptive pill’ and see a tidy list of references at the bottom, so clearly I should have looked at more pages.

    As Ganfyd appears to be in its youth still, I look forward to seeing it grow. I wonder if links to guidelines or resources to provide drug name synonyms are forthcoming?


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