In Uncategorized on August 5, 2008 by Danielle

I was playing with Wordle after reading about it on Laika’s MedLibLog. It let’s you either put in text, or pop in a URL of a website, and it somehow deduces the words used by the website. I put in the URL of this blog and got the following:

I like Laika’s tag cloud that has an orange background and text in shades of grey. And Dutch words are pretty cool.


4 Responses to “Wordle”

  1. Hey – that’s really nice! Maybe WordPress could learn from this.

  2. Hi Danielle,
    Yes, Wordle is a nice web toy isn’t it? I also liked the cloud with the orange background best (which wasn’t a tag cloud really, I put in the url of my blog: there are many possibilities).

    @Alan. Indeed the Wordle tag clouds are much prettier than the WordPress tag clouds. Unfortunately Wordle tags/categories are not “clickable”. Not that many people do that, anyway.

    By the way you’ve got an interesting blog. Web 2.0 -EMB, that’is exactly my field of interest. I’m going to follow you!

  3. Hi Laika. Nice blog you have there – and I’m delighted that you complained about that stupid huge tip box that Ovid insist on taking up half the screen with!

    I’ve added a link to your blog on our blogroll – hint hint!


  4. Hi Laika,
    So I suppose the next group that *can* make an attractive tag cloud clickable wins the prize!

    Thanks for the compliment-your blog is great reading (I’m reviewing it for the Cilip Gazette in the UK).

    Take care and keep on blogging.


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