Semantically search Medline today!

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Those loyal readers of this blog (i.e. my Mum) will be well aware that you can semantically search Wikipedia with Powerset – a tool that allows you to use “natural language processing to search, aiming to improve the way we find information by unlocking the meaning encoded in ordinary human language.” In other words it doesn’t just match up your search terms with terms in the document, but rather it’s been taught to understand and utilise the vagaries of language.  Anyway, I chatted about it here.

Well, now you can go to Medline.Cognition and semantically search Medline. Try it out. The longer and more complex the query the more fun you’ll have. Also note that on the right of the page the program gives you all the various “meanings” of the words it knows, and lets you choose which meaning you meant. Sorry if I’m not making sense – these things just need to be tried out…!

You can also try out this “Cognition” semantic search technology with Caselaw and Wikipedia.


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  1. […] the author has some good info.  He even gave a shout out to Cognition’s SemanticMEDLINE here.  Thanks, […]

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