I am astounded by the many new names tha …

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I am astounded by the many new names that the government has for the various schemes to ‘accredit’ information, and/or assign the ‘right’ information to the right person at the right time (maybe to keep the ‘rogue’ information of Knol and wikipedia at bay?).

Two initiatives come to mind–the Department of Health Information accreditation scheme, and the Information prescriptions project. The IP project has as its task to provide “everyone with a long-term condition or social care need” an information prescription. They’ve run a substantial pilot project in 2007 with twenty general sites (each linking to clinics or surgeries).

One thing I find slightly disheartening is that these pilots are apparently being run independently of any professional informaticist(s). At only one point does the delivery plan document mention community access points such as a library, but in the main, the services is not basing itself around libraries. It is being supported by PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) and their website does not trumpet any kind of specialised training, just that some employees are NHS staff and some are volunteers.

Is anybody else concerned about outsourcing information provision to volunteers and other untrained folk, or am I just being a snob? While the promise of information accreditation is soothing (in my eyes), it sort of gets undone by not staffing these projects correctly, and I think that information professionals lose out. I am making a bit of an assumption that the lack of any mention informatics support means there wasn’t any. Belatedly, I saw something about literature searches being done, so maybe there is also an issue about informaticists not shouting loud enough about what we doing. Anyway, let us hope there is some sort of ongoing role for informaticists in the accreditation scheme, as the details (according to their Q&A sheet) have yet to be worked out.


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