It’s not just EB this, EB that, you know…

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An interesting blog post on how “Information therapy goes beyond evidenced-based info“. The authors suggestst that “… people have health and health care-related information needs about so many things that have nothing to do with the best evidence-based health information”, for example where can I get the procedure done, is it covered by my insurance/NHS/my PCT, who should I go and see and how do I get there, what are other people’s experience of living with this condition etc. While these examples are all from the patient’s point of view, I suspect that we can learn something from this whether we’re supporing clinicians, commissioners, managers… whoever. For example, we’re doing some work for the commissioning sector at the moment, and they don’t just want to know the evidence for intervention A or B, but also information about who provides services (which PCTs, acute care trusts etc), whether incidence/prevalence of a condition is changing, what are the costs involved, what other supporting services might be needed. So it’s not just “evidence-based” info. That’s not to say that we info folks necessarily know all the answers, but we’re as good as anyone else in finding out, don’t you think?


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