“False Hopes, Unwarranted Fears: The T …

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“False Hopes, Unwarranted Fears: The Trouble with Medical News Stories…” A Health Care Blog post on the awfulness of newspaper reporting of health stories… although focused on US newspapers, anyone who has recently scanned (e.g.) the Daily Mail will be well aware of the consistently terrible journalism therein. The Health News Review is a website that ranks news stories with one to five stars and critiques them on whether they “discuss costs” or “avoid disease-mongering” etc. Well worth a look. The NHS Behind the Headlines service is a good UK based review of current health news stories (not that I’m biased…).


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  1. That’s really interesting. I think someone should bring together the NHS’s Behind the Headlines, Bad Science, and the Health News Review, sit them down at the same table, and generate some sort of meta-review site for health news. They could map it out by subject matter or geography (they sort of are doing it this way).

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