Synonyms and searches

In Evidence-Based Librarianship on May 30, 2008 by Danielle Tagged: , ,

I just spent a quarter of an hour finding a synonym for the medical/ biological term ‘catch-up growth’. This was mostly brain-dependent and however much I tried to use online sources such as, it was no use. So maybe this posting is more about the vagaries of human memory rather than the benefits of having an encyclopaedic reference tool, the internet, at our fingertips.

I did remember the word began with ‘co-‘ and came up with ‘compensatory [growth]’ after a false start. It’s a bit pathetic, but I do feel somewhat pleased with myself. No number of examples (“if you lose your sight and develop a great sense of hearing–what is that called? Correction? Amendment?”) helped, it was just guessing what a long word beginning with ‘co’ sounded like as it rapidly flashed by a few times.


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