A semantic search

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Visit Powerset for a semantic enriched web experience. Web 3.0 is here; sort of. The semantic approach is different from our normal keyword searching of GYM et al by the fact that the search engine tries to fundamental understand the ‘meaning’ of a query. The results of a query not only gives you a list of ‘hits’, as per usual, but when you click on the link that interests you it highlights (again) not only the search term but parts of the text that semantically relate to it. The result is not the ‘page’ but the relevant text within a page. It’s all very exciting, but probably not making any sense. So just give it a go, it’s the best way.

“Unlike other search engines that index keywords, Powerset does a deep linguistic analysis on every sentence it reads […]. We extract and index facts about each sentence in each page, making our index the first truly robust semantic index of the web.”

At the moment it only searches Wikipedia, but of course, it’s only the beginning…


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  1. […] 10:18:13 am on August 5, 2008 | # | Tags: Cognition, Medline, Powerset, semantic search;, Wikipedia Those loyal readers of this blog (i.e. my Mum) will be well aware that you can semantically search Wikipedia with Powerset – a tool that allows you to use “natural language processing to search, aiming to improve the way we find information by unlocking the meaning encoded in ordinary human language.” In other words it doesn’t just match up your search terms with terms in the document, but rather it’s been taught to understand and utilise the vagaries of language.  Anyway, I chatted about it here. […]

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