Pharma accused over ghostwriters

In Health industry on April 16, 2008 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , , ,

An article today reveals (or perhaps “accuses”) just how much pharma companies use ghostwriters to influence the interpretation and publication of medical research. Merck & Co (poor old Merck & Co, why do they always get it in the neck? Well, OK, maybe Vioxx has something to do with it…) have been accused of frequently using paid academics to take the credit for, and authorship of, research articles that have been written by the pharma company’s medical writers

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, JAMA’s editor-in-chief, said “The manipulation is disgusting. I just didn’t realize the extent”. She admitted that doctors, medical researchers and journal editors bear some responsibility for those harms and that “…we’re the ones who have allowed this to happen. Now we’ve got to make it stop.”


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