Cochrane podcasts. Yes, podcasts!

In Evidence-Based Medicine, Web 2.0 & all that, Website reviews on March 30, 2008 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , ,

Maybe I’m just a bit behind with the times here? Maybe they’ve been doing them for ages? But however long it’s been going on for, I’ve just stumbled across the Cochrane Podcasts page! You know that Web 2.0 is pretty old hat when Cochrane are online and forging ahead. They’re not too bad actually; they sort of remind me of the New Yorker podcasts. I’m listening to the “Music Therapy for Depression” podcast as I’m typing this, which is an interview between one of the authors and her sister (and why not?). The main conclusion was “more research in needed”, which is reassuring that it really is the Cochrane we know and love, but it’s still interesting to listen to. They mention sham music therapy; pretend music, I suppose. Michael Bolton, perhaps?


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