The expert strikes back

In Information industry, Web 2.0 & all that on March 25, 2008 by Alan Lovell Tagged:

A recent article in the Newsweek, Revenge of the Experts, suggests that the “individual user has been king on the Internet, but the pendulum seems to be swinging back toward edited information vetted by professionals”, and asks if user generated content is dead?

“People are beginning to recognize that the world is too dangerous a place for faulty information”

As with so much of the internet, advertising has a role to play in the transition too…

“Nobody wants to advertise next to crap”

It goes on to discuss Google’s Knol, as well as Mahalo and the changing strategy of I don’t think that user generated content is going to die, it’s just finding its niche within the wider web experience. Of course, with web 2.0 came the adoration of the “wisdom of the crowd” and all that malarky (what would Socrates say [and I don’t mean the Brazilian footballer]?), but that’s now peaked and sense is, arguably, slowly prevailing. The article finishes with

“…the nature of the Internet suggests that Web 2.0 populism will never be thrown out entirely. “There’s always a Big New Thing, but the old Big New Thing doesn’t really go away.”

… and then goes on to say something about onions. It’s never easy to finish an article.


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