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Why does the world need another blog? What possible reason can I put forward in defending my decision to take up yet another corner (just how many corners are there?) of the world wide web with my small contribution?

Well, I have three objectives for this blog, and I’m afraid only one of them relates to other people (i.e. you, dear reader)

1. To encourage me to become and remain more aware of current developments in my field;

2. To act as a notepad or journal of interesting things I’ve read or heard about, so that when I think ‘hang on, didn’t I read something about that a while ago…’, I can refer back to my blog;

3. To possibly act as a useful current awareness tool for othes in the field of health informatics. I know that I appreciate blogs that help keep me in touch with what’s going on.

My field is that of health informatics, or maybe health informaticism, or maybe I’m a medical information professional, or maybe a health librarian who doesn’t work in a library. Whatever I am, I work for a small private company who do evidence based medicine, systematic reviews, evidence briefings and the such, and part of that revolves around finding the best evidence in a transparent, reliable, repeatable and systematic fashion, and, well, that is what I try and do.

My job also concerns aspects of knowledge management, copy and content editing, proofreading, market research, project management and HR management. As I say, we’re a small company!

So, I’ll give it a while, and I’ll see where I go with this… Thanks for reading.



One Response to “Why?”

  1. Alan, I was planning to retire to my bed early this evening. Instead, I find your blog and – dash it – I find it really rather entertaining, informative and addictive. So here I am, the clock chiming one (well it would if it could) and teh morning commute beckoning a few short hours away.

    So be comforted that it’s not just your mum who reads the blog. Your colleagues do too, and this one is interested in that thing you say (July I think) about “interminable meetings.”

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